I was sitting in a hotel room a few months back and I was feeling a little ripped off. I was in Ontario for a week with my family and Bonita had to take a work related trip to Toronto. It was a good opportunity to go to TBS and see Danny and sit in on a class. But the ‘ripped off’ part came when I realized that I had to pay for the WiFi in our hotel room…and I was not about to drop 20 bucks for 3 days for WiFi or whatever the over-the-top charges were. As I survived without WiFi in the room for a few days, something hit me like a ton of bricks. I can survive without WiFi! I can do this. I can get by without being on the Internet. It was all very freeing.

I did it for years in Brigden where I well remember the days of dial-up and the screechy noise that went along with it. (The sound it made is forever seared into my brain.) I did it when we would go on week retreats that involved media fasting over the years. I did it during times of prayer walking in Corunna or Brigden or under the Bluewater Bridge or in Port Stanley and not really needing to check things on-line.

I don’t know if you’re like me but right now I have 10 pages open at the top of my computer screen. And here’s something I do from time to time: I click each one of them back and forth to see if I’m missing anything. Whenever I move from WiFi to WiFi (since we don’t have a data plan on our phones and never want one) I’m always checking to see if there’s a messages I’m missing.

I’ve watched couples in restaurants and I’ve noticed where one is talking and the other one is distracted by the little screen in his or her hand. I took a course a month ago and the whole time the teacher was teaching, the guy beside me was scrolling through Facebook and checking out different tattoo designs on his Mac.

Everyday when we get up we have the opportunity to hear the voice of Another. We know that His voice will always be true and right. We know that His voice will always be for our good and for His glory. We know that His voice is heard clearly throughout His Word.

When was the last time that you flipped through His Word, from book to book wanting to know what He has to say? When was the last time you sat and savoured His Word over a good cup of coffee or a cold beverage with lots of ice? When was the last time that you discussed what He had to say over some of your like-minded friends?

Facebook posts are fleeting. Email messages are here today and gone like the mist. Info that seems so important in the moment will have little to no impact in the long run. But there is one Voice that is constant.

We allow ourselves to be distracted. I’ve lived the somewhat distracted life for too long.

May we realize that God’s Word is soul satisfying. May we realize that it’s for our growth. May we realize that it’s so chucked full of good stuff. May we begin our day with a simple prayer from Psalm 119.

Open my eyes, that I may behold
wondrous things out of your law.
(Psalm 119:18 ESV)





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