making a name for who?

I heard the phrase not to long ago that rattled me. One pastor described another pastor this way: ‘he’s really making a name for himself.’ It may have seemed like an innocent comment but I thought to myself, ‘is that really the point?’ I remember Sundays when I wanted the strokes at the door. It could have been a comment as simple as ‘great sermon.’ As I have grown older and perhaps a little bit wiser, those comments aren’t as greedily embraced….although pride pops up and rears it’s ugly head time and again. My response these days is sometimes ‘yeh, God is good’ or ‘what was it that really struck you about the sermon?’ I would suggest that deep down inside pastors want to be affirmed but the point isn’t to make a name for ourselves….the whole point is to lift up the glorious name of Jesus. This came to mind as I read this post by Jared Wilson this morning.:


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