bless your pastor

Many pastors are spending time away from the pulpit over the summer. It’s time for them to reflect, be restored, and get gassed up for what is usually a busy fall season of ministry. It’s time for them to spend more time with the family who often supports them but don’t spend as much time with them as they’d like.  It’s also time for many of them to draw near to the One that they proclaim every Sunday morning.

I posted last October about ways to encourage your pastor. One way that I failed to mention was to pray for him. He is the one who faithfully proclaims the Word and don’t be surprised that there aren’t battles. Battles with his own flesh, battles with false doctrine, battles with people in general (smart sheep, false sheep, wayward sheep, and wolves). The last chapter of Ephesians is a sobering reminder of who the pastor is up against. Honestly, they covet your prayers.

Kevin DeYoung has mentioned another way to bless your pastor. Hit the link at the bottom and find out how.


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