shepherds and programs and the gospel

Summer has been incredibly busy and I haven’t blogged as much as I usually want to. Work can sometimes really get in the way of life!

My hope and plan is to go to the Gospel Coalition conference that is coming to Toronto in the fall. And I have a growing book list on my white board that I hope to look for while I’m there or to get someone to pick up for me if I can’t make it (some books you just want to get hard copies of). I’d love to look for John MacArthur’s Mark commentaries to finish off my set. I’ll be looking for ‘The Compeling Community’ by Mark Dever. A book that I’ve added to my list is a new one by Jared Wison called ‘The Prodigal Church.’

I have linked to a clip from that book. Wilson talks about shepherds getting close and being relational (I’m grateful that my pastor is like that).  He mentions that we sometimes make the mistake of putting our trust in our programs and miss putting our trust in God.

I’ve always enjoying Jared Wilson’s blogging partly because he was a small church pastor. He has just recently moved on to serve at a seminary but I love reading someone with a sheperd’s heart.  Click on the link below and enjoy a snippet of his new book.


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