I have a well-worn copy of Don Whitney’s ‘Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.’ I’ve used it as a foundation for a sermon series, I have taught through it in Sunday School, and I am right now using it in a one-on-one discipleship relationship (I downloaded the ebook for next to nothing and it happened to be an updated version with a lot more good stuff to read!). I took a course with Don at Heritage about a dozen years ago and have heard him speak in various settings. I even emailed him when I was wrestling through a very difficult situation in my life. He didn’t know me but kindly responded with a biblical answer.

I say all that to say that he has had a great impact on my life throughout the years. He is back with a new book which is likely just an extension of one of the chapters from ‘Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life.’ (I haven’t read it yet but I’m sure I will sometime down the road. I’ve got a lot of other good books on the go right now.) One of the things that this book will help you do, even though I haven’t read it yet, is make your prayers more biblical. The title of the book, ‘Praying the Bible’ kinda gives that away! I have found that sometimes my prayers can drift to self-centredness and this book will help you keep them more God-centred.

I have linked to a post where he describes about when he learned to pray the Bible and some of the benefits of it. I think I’ve blogged on this topic a time or two but Don says it so well. Take the time to follow the link and find out how praying the Bible can give you a more satisfying prayer life. I have also linked to Tim Challies’ review of the book.


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