Who are we making a name for?

I once heard a pastor talk about another pastor. He had begun a new para-church ministry and it was gaining some attention. The words the first pastor used to describe this other pastor’s growing ministry were like nails across the blackboard to me. He said ‘he’s really making a name for himself.’ They could have been poorly chosen words. They could have been words said in haste. There could have been no evil intent with his words and the motive could not have been wrong but the words were wrong.

I am reminded of the words of John the Baptist that ‘He must become greater and we must become less.’ What we do is not for our name and our fame but the fame and name of Another. God doesn’t get the gold with us standing beside Him getting the silver. He gets the gold while we are in the stands applauding, singing, hands lifted, and knees bowed.

Please take the time to read the following article. It is SO NOT ABOUT US.



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