the wrong nine marks

Mark Dever wrote a book called ‘9 Marks of a Healthy Church’ and Kevin DeYoung wrote at post called ‘9 Marks of an Unhealthy Church’. It’s a good short post.

Something that I really noticed that is done well at our church is the reverse of number 6. No one is ever raised up from the church for pastoral ministry or sent from the church into missionary service. When I first started attending Bible study on Wednesday nights about a year ago, it was a joy to see a young guy enter the pulpit who had never attended Bible school but brought such a rich message. Some who have been to Bible school and even seminary can bring some of the lightest, weakest, and insipid teaching. Over the last season, several men have been identified to participate in bringing the Word on Wednesday nights and it has been brought with depth, passion, and accuracy. I walk away on Wednesday night amazed at how God is using these men for the benefit of the body. I am blessed by the presentation of the text each week and always challenged to dig in my own study of the Word.

You can find all the nine marks at the link below.


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