There are far too many good quotes here. It seems like every paragraph I read, I wanted to quote it. Here’s a quote to consider that might tempt you to read the whole post.

‘Good preaching goes with the grain of the Bible. So we are not flippant where the Bible is not flippant. We are not angry where the Bible is not angry. We smile where the Bible smiles, and we yell where the Bible yells. (Some preachers only preach smiling sermons or angry sermons, which shows they aren’t really preaching the Scriptures faithfully.)’

I heard David Platt at his first T4G and he preached about missions. And the text dictated his tone. He was near tears at points as he talked about lost people going to hell. And he got jacked when he talked about our glorious salvation.

Jared Wilson is one of my favourite bloggers and authors. Enjoy the whole post here:


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