I know this is the wrong time of the year for this song but I stumbled across it yesterday and didn’t want to bring it out in nine months…I wouldn’t remember it unless I wrote it down and then I would need to remember where I wrote it down.

Had the opportunity to see Jacob Moon a year ago at a little out of the way spot in London. He plays around the area quite regularly and if you ever get the chance…  He is known for a thing call live looping, the recording and playback of music, on the spot.

I heard Trevor Dick for the first time opening up for Randy Stonehill in Guelph in our time there. He can make the violin sing. A few years ago he came to our church in Brigden to do special music and to play along with the music team for an anniversary Sunday.

Yesterday I stumbled across them together with ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman.’ Enjoy.





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