knowing vs. feeling

Sometimes I really don’t feel like worshiping in song on a Sunday morning. I’ve come off a tough week or a down week and I’m feeling lower than a rattlesnake’s belly but then we stand on a Sunday morning. My eyes may not be looking at the screen but then I hear a few notes that are familiar. And my heart drinks in the truth of the Word through the truth of the song.

Yesterday morning I got my eyes heavenward through the songs we sang. We began right at the cross! ‘The mystery of the cross I cannot comprehend…’ It talked about the debt that Christ paid and the benefit for the believer in Christ Jesus. The next song was about the sovereignty of God in our circumstances whether the cupboard is bare or the cupboard is empty. It reminded me of being content from Philippians 4 and I thought of Job and Joseph. Then we sang another cross song that has a marvellous line that says ‘to look on Him [Christ] and pardon me.’  Wow. We sung deeply. We heard a message out of Ephesians 6 about the armour of God and then we closed together with a song that told us to get up and strap our battle garb on.

The Word dictated what we should feel but first we needed to think on it. A spiritual buzz wasn’t created by the music but the truth of God’s Word that we sung fed our minds and that can easily affect what we feel. It should.

There’s a song by Andrew Peterson that I was listening to before our worship service yesterday morning called ‘Doxology’ and it’s lifted right out of the end of Romans 11. Paul had written and drunk deeply of the identity of God in the first eleven chapters and then he paused to praise. Feelings can come and go like the wind but may it be the ear-screaming good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and all the truth that flows from it be the foundation for what we feel.


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