I picked up a book off Kindle for a couple bucks and it’s been sitting for a while and I dove into it a few days ago. It’s called “Accidental Pharisees” and the author has the ability to gentle take a 2X4 to your soul! It brings conviction. Larry Osborne is not an author that I usually read, so it’s with joy that I read and sense the Spirit of God pressing His finger into my guilty chest. It’s a book that helps us see the blind the spots and the way we like to compare ourselves with others…on the curve.

He also mentions how we judge by appearances. He tells the story of two Christian guys. One who’s a peacemaker and the other who’s a bit of a hothead. We assume that the peacemaker is the more mature and that the hothead is a baby Christian but then he goes in and tells their history. The peacemaker has changed very little since coming to faith and has always been a peace guy. The hothead has come baby step by baby step in his faith and his upbringing was something that you just don’t talk about. He’s grateful to be standing upright. We often make judgement calls on people from what we see and not from the progress they’ve made. Ouch!

I came across a video by Paul Washer yesterday. I’ve heard him preach a couple of times… one time for two hours straight! He’s a guy who is passionate about the gospel and I appreciate that. I’ve read one of his books and have another  sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. I could say a lot about this sermon jam but I’ll let him do the talking.

We all need to be convicted. In a world of sugar-coating the gospel I appreciate men like Paul Washer who say it straight. So, if this video brings conviction to your soul, that’s good. But don’t just stay in the ditch with your sin…go running to Christ for forgiveness and grace. May this prime you for the Word preached on Sunday morning.



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