freed captives

I wasn’t planning on reblogging anything but saw that this was one of my least read posts. It needs to be read and passed on. The freedom that we can have in Christ is amazing. To quote John Piper “True freedom is doing what you want to do and not regretting it in 1,000 years.”

dc from the cheap seats

captives freed

Mike’ s a guy who lived in the sin spiral for years. At twenty-two he was a pilot and while laying over in a hotel he stumbled across porn on the TV. One look and he was hooked. He was a professing believer but longed for layovers where he entered a secret fantasy world. He hid this from his wife, his friends, and his Bible study group.

What you saw on Sunday morning was not what lurked behind closed doors when he was by himself. Finally his secret life began to consume, crush, and overtake him. The downward spin went from porn to sex chatting to adultery.

After his first marriage blew up, he remarried but he was still bound to lust. He continued to watch porn, sex chat on the Internet, and was involved with sinful relationships…he was also bound to booze and food. His wife knew that he…

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