family feud and redemption

I was working out at the Y a few weeks back.  And if I’m on the elliptical,  I really need something to keep my mind active and Family Feud happened to be on the monitor in front of me.  I watched one family go into the speed round and person one racked up a total of a hundred and eighty-two points.  He had set up person two pretty well and she came down.  The camera zoomed in on the family and they were pretty confident.  It seemed that they had this one in the bag.  The gal answered all five questions but she got five big goose eggs…five big zeros.  They only needed eighteen points to drive away in a brand new car.  You kinda felt for the gal and the rest of the fam.  I think she was fighting back the tears.

But then episode two came on.  Two families came ready to play, one family won after a hard fought battle and they went into the speed round.  I don’t remember how many points they scored but they scored big.  Now you have to know that many times when I watch I’m listening to music.  So I follow the words on the screen to know what was going on.  They won and they would be driving off in a brand new car.  And boy were they jumping up and down…really high.  I couldn’t hear them but I could tell they were pretty excited about the temporary…or the temporal as a friend of mine says.  I’d likely be doing the same thing…particularly if the new car was a convertible.  

As I watched the celebrating family I wondered if the family of God ever celebrates that way over such a great salvation.  Colossians 1:13-14 says [13] He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, [14] in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

Did you catch that?  Maybe you need to go back and reread it.  If you are a blood bought born again believer, you’ve been rescued.  Remember when the gang in the OT were rescued from slavery?  Like them you have been rescued from the prince of this world.  When God saved you, you weren’t only released from the clutches of Satan but you were received into the hand of God from which no one can snatch you.  Your identity changed.  Your jersey changed.  You went from wearing something that said Satan’s Choice on the back to a new shirt, thanks to Jesus.  You are now part of the God Squad.  You went from wearing something black and red to represent your sin and an eternity separated from God to white and green…white to represent how the Father now sees you, sinless, through the Jesus lens and the green to represent new life in Christ.  

But that’s not all.  You have also been redeemed and your sins are forgiven.  Let your heart be marinated in the awesome truth of those two verses.  Revel in that truth.  Hang onto that truth.  Celebrate that truth.  Speak that truth to yourself on a daily basis.  It amps up the worth of the eternal particularly if you feel like God has been taking you through the spanking machine and the machine is on repeat.  Whisper to yourself often about the fact that you are now a part of the kingdom of His beloved Son. 

If my family ever ended up on Family Feud and if we won and the winning was big, I’m sure we’d be pretty excited…but that is so pocket change compared with our vault full of riches in Christ.  Ephesians 1:3 reminds us that the child of God has been blessed in Christ with every spiritual blessing.  And let me be straight that I am not suggesting in any way that this means that you will have your best life now. want to remind you and remind myself of something so much more long-lasting and life-impacting that should thrill our very souls.  If we know the Saviour, we’re no longer in Satan’s camp.  We’re redeemed.  We’re forgiven.  We’re the possessors of every spiritual blessing.  Marvel in that…and you might just find yourself jumping up and down…really high!  



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